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Marion Quiller (born January 7th, 1992) goes by the artist name Space Coast Q. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. Born in Tennessee and raised in Melbourne, Florida, Space Coast Q first began producing music in 2006. He and a few friends formed "The BTNKS" which became a staple in the Brevard County music scene. During this time, Space Coast Q began experimenting with making instrumental cd's as well as practicing his artistry. He dropped his first artist mixtape in 2014 titled "electroFlorida" and began to build a buzz as an artist. The following year he dropped "Young Americano" and got more recognition. The following year he dropped the critically acclaimed "Hurricane" and became an artist to look out for. Space Coast Q has a distinct sound that blends spacey, ambient sounds with hard hitting drums that he calls "Space" music. Space Coast Q plans to change the state of current hip-hop by bringing a cooler, spacey, experimental vibe all while still hitting hard and making music that you can connect with. He dropped an ep "Smoked Out Vol. 1" at the top of 2019 and is currently in the process of getting ready to drop "...from space with love..." Stay tuned!